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The problem

Colleges and universities provide millions of students with life-changing education opportunities every day all over the world. However, the traditional model of students attending a campus and lectures in a physical location, has been increasingly challenged by the growth in online education, and by changing student demands.

Exams are an integral part of university life with most institutions having dedicated exams teams working on scheduling and managing assessments all year round. But how can this requirement for ongoing assessment be maintained in the face of changing learning modalities and student expectations of increased flexibility and access?

Additionally, international students are a core part of modern college and universities’ target markets, but in recent times providing learning and assessment to international learners has become increasingly difficult. So how can on-demand examinations for admissions, or core learning assessments be delivered in a way that works for both the institution and the student?

The challenge

Universities and colleges require the ability to schedule and manage their own remote assessments and exams, in a secure, online environment that can be accessed by all students anywhere, anytime.

Exam administration teams need access to a system that allows them to setup and invigilate admissions examinations and other assessments quickly and easily, and that supports international students.

As regulated institutions of learning, all online / remote examinations must be evidenced in a manner that allows for follow-up review by colleagues and other stakeholders.

Universities and colleges routinely handle sensitive student data, often relating to minors (under 18’s) and so any solution must incorporate the highest level of data protection and safeguarding.

What we did

We created MyExams to give colleges and universities all the tools that you need in a flexible, secure, remote invigilation platform.

From your customised MyExams account, you can add all of your students and invigilators, you can schedule your remote exams for any time and place to suit you and your students, and your exams teams can record, review and quality control admissions and other assessments to ensure that your values and standards are maintained throughout.

As a cloud-based SaaS remote invigilation platform, we built MyExams to seamlessly integrate with other platforms and our DevOps team can work with you to create a seamless, secure exam experience for your students.

The benefits for you

Your dedicated, secure remote invigilation platform

MyExams is the only remote invigilation platform that you control. From your customised MyExams account, your exams administrators can schedule, monitor and report on your examinations as often as you need.

You can add your own invigilators, control user access, discreetly monitor live assessments as they happen, identify and log suspected malpractice, and maintain a secure chain of evidence of exam activity to support your regulatory requirements.

MyExams is your platform to support your students accessing your exams.

Global access, 24/7 support

MyExams was created to be global. We routinely work in more than 180 countries with all languages and across all cultures. Your MyExams platform can be accessed by students on PC and mobile devices all over the world, with a modern, intuitive user experience that is designed to support learners.

With the MyExams optional support package, you can benefit from providing your students and staff users with access to 24/7 technical support and customer service delivered by us.

We work with you to ensure that we fully understand your examination processes and our technical support team are on hand day and night to make sure that your students can access their exams whenever they need to.

Unparalleled flexibility and scalability

MyExams lets you schedule your exams when you need to. With MyExams you can add users, add exam sessions, scale up, scale down, integrate with other platforms and access from all over the world – simply by letting us know what you need.

Colleges and universities typically sign up for our Enterprise package which gives you a direct line to a dedicated account manager in our UK head office.

The outcome

MyExams gives you the option to offer secure, remote invigilated exams for admissions or curricular assessment, to any student, anywhere on Earth, at any time.

With MyExams, you are in control. There is no need to hire third-party invigilators or to outsource the invigilation to anyone external – use your own invigilators to manage your own exams with your own students.

For compliance and regulatory requirements, MyExams allows you to fully record and document all exam activity, and gives you the ability to discreetly check-in and monitor any exam that is in progress – great for quality control.

Working with our support and development teams, we can help you to rapidly deploy the most flexible, adaptable remote invigilation platform on the market – helping you to deliver life-changing education to students all over the world.

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"It is essential to preserve the integrity of examination conditions in higher education and the pandemic has made this even more challenging. Hence the ability to preserve the integrity of examination continues to be essential for the credibility and success of any qualification. Therefore "MyExams" system is very timely."

Professor Mohammed Abdel-Haq. Principal, Hume Institute for Postgraduate Studies. Lausanne, Switzerland

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