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The problem

Are you an invigilator at exams in venues, schools, universities, and test centres? Would you like to be doing more exam invigilation work?

Do you want to be able to offer your professional, secure, exam invigilation services to any learner, anywhere on the planet, at any time?

Then you have come to the right place!

MyExams is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) remote invigilation tool that puts you in control of remote invigilation and lets you run online assessments anywhere, anytime.

The challenge

As a professional invigilator, you take great pride in ensuring that learners can take their exams in a safe, supportive and secure assessment space, so that they stand the greatest chance of doing well in their assessments.

For you as an invigilator, this means that you need to be present with the learner at the right time, at the right place, with all of the correct information. 100% professional, 100% of the time.

If you’re an aspiring invigilator or are interested in part-time invigilation work, then knowing where to start and how to find invigilation jobs can also be a challenge.

So how can you connect with more clients, invigilate more exams, and help more people to access life-changing qualifications?

With MyExams you can.

What we did

MyExams lets you setup your own, personalised remote invigilation system.

You can then add your candidates to your system, and schedule remote invigilation sessions for them to join in with.

Using the MyExams mobile app, your candidates can connect with you at the time of their exam, from the location that suits them best, whether that’s their office, their bedroom, or the beach!

When you initiate your sessions in MyExams, all of your activity, and your learners’, is being recorded via our multi-mode monitoring system, and you can record notes about the exam activity that you witness. Once complete, the session activity is stored in your database in case you need to provide any qualifications regulator with a report about the exam.

MyExams is a customisable remote invigilation platform that gives invigilators control to help provide a better experience for assessment candidates.

The benefits for you

Work anywhere

Invigilate from the comfort of your own home.

You can access your MyExams system from any web browser that has a stable internet connection.

You can even access MyExams using your phone!

Save money

By using MyExams to provide your remote invigilation services, you will not need to travel to an exam venue or to cover any of the other incidental costs that can occur when providing part-time invigilation services.

Have peace of mind

With MyExams, everything is on the record. MyExams is a purpose-built remote invigilation tool that was designed with invigilators’ needs at the top of the list. By recording your exam activity in MyExams sessions, you can rest assured that not only are you providing an outstanding exam experience for your candidates, but both you and the learners are operating in a secure exam environment.

The outcome

MyExams gives invigilators the opportunity to access new groups of potential clients, all over the world.

With a customisable remote invigilation system from MyExams, combined with an invigilator store on our sister platform BookAnExam.com, you too can open up your services to paying exam candidates in totally new areas.

As a product designed and developed by VICTVS, you can rest assured knowing that we provide full support to all of our users and that we are always on-hand if you have any questions.

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"I have tried using Zoom and Teams to run exams and I found it very difficult. Candidates could speak to each other, interrupt each other’s exams, the signal would drop and the view of the candidates was very limited. With MyExams, all of these problems are solved and the dashboard is really easy to use. I love being in control of my subscription and the support is great."

Claire Fletcher, self-employed invigilator, UK

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